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Art Walk in Covid-19

I had my debut Art Walk in beautiful down Gulfport, Florida last night, the theme entitled "Metamorphosis: Art for Hope and Healing." Beautiful evening, a full-moon sky, the sidewalks filled with mostly masked patrons, browsing, glancing, inquiring. Preparing for the event required first purchasing a tent with side walls. Then grid walls to hang my art on. Buying lighting. Renting easels. borrowing a table and chairs. Preparing a business cards an artist statement and a business sign. Schlepping everything to the site, setting up. realizing some paintings could not be hung, screws not fitting to grid panels. Wearing a mask for 6 hours-a whole new appreciation to our essential workers.

Who would my art appeal to? Here is my heart and soul displayed on the sidewalk, vulnerable to the public eye. I did not make a sale, but I did have good interchanges with people, I thought of tweaks for future shows and while not compromising what I create, visualizing my approach with one that would appeal to make sales. I will see it I am right next time. I know I will still be wearing a mask for 6 hours either way.

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