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Artist Bio

I am an emerging artist, in transition of making more time for creating art and researching  venues to promote it. I am currently working part-time at Imagine Museum. I am wildly inspired by the compositions of the specular works of the featured glass artists. Prior to working at Imagine Museum, I was a patient advocate helping children suffering with mental issues. Before healthcare,  I worked the  greater part of my life as a chef and baker.

I have a BA in graphic design from the University of Illinois but found myself more drawn more to painting and photography in my studies.

Over the last several years I have begun experimenting with different types of materials in my work, utilizing different papers, pieces of plastic, organic matter such as seagrass, torn photographs, pastels, and oil crayons. I work primarily with acrylic paint, utilizing ceramic tile adhesive to build an underlayer on my canvas or board, giving texture to the paint as it is applied. Acrylic paint is most forgiving and versatile as it can thinned down like watercolor, applied thickly for texture, and dries quickly to paint over. I like applying color with palette knives, smudging, scraping, rubbing, and then layering with more paint.

I have been inspired by the abstract expressionists with their freedom of color, composition, and pushing limits of possibility. The energy of current events often influences the piece I am working on. I want to bring the feeling of energy going forward from self- reflection and the beauty that is happening within. Improvising, I let things happen intuitively, letting the piece transform, like putting together a puzzle.

I was recently accepted to the prestigious Art Festival Beth-el in St Petersburg, FL this past year. I have also been accepted to the last two Gulfport Fine Arts Festivals. I was given an honorable mention in the Come-Out St Pete show at the Woodfield Fine Arts Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL and accepted  the Art Out Show in Gulfport.  My work is represented at Brenda McMahon's Gallery in Gulfport, FL. I was a frequent exhibitor at the Provincetown Art Association in Provincetown, MA.

​My goal is to work with people with autism create abstract art and find other ways to benefit people with art.

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