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I paint as if solving a puzzle, balancing all of the elements until the image emerges with all the pieces fitting perfectly. My work is influenced by the abstract expressionists, and I explore their freedom of color and composition while pushing the limits of what's possible. Like those masters, I aim to convey through painting the feeling of energy moving forward from self-reflection and emotional currents within. Viewers will also note inspiration I took from African and Native American art in the geometric shapes and spiritual storytelling discernable in my work.

Working primarily with acrylic paint, I use modeling paste and ceramic tile adhesive to build an underlayer on my canvas, and I have spent the last several years experimenting with different types of materials in my work, utilizing different papers, pieces of plastic, and organic matter such as seagrass, torn photographs, pastels, and oil crayons. I often apply color with palette knives, smudging, scraping, rubbing, and layering with more paint to affect the texture of the painting.


My work has given me the honor of participating in some of the region’s most respected art shows, including twice at the prestigious Art Festival Beth-el in St Petersburg, FL, the last four Gulfport Fine Arts Festivals, and fine arts collective ArtJones. My paintings have been showcased by some of the area’s most notable galleries, including Five Deuces Galleria, Brenda McMahon Gallery, DRV Gallery, and Art Expo Gallery. I was a frequent exhibitor at the Provincetown Art Association in Provincetown, MA, before moving to Gulfport. My ongoing goal is to work with people with underserved communities create art and find other ways to benefit the world through art.


I hope you’ll enjoy a look around my online gallery. If you’d like to view my works in person, several are on display at DRV Gallery, located just south of St. Petersburg in the artists enclave of Gulfport. I also enjoy working with clients on commissioned pieces and welcome any questions and feedback about my work. You can reach me directly at or follow me on social media by clicking the icons above.


Thank you for visiting. I hope our paths cross soon!


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