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'My current work has steered away from expressing current issues, and is now searching to find inner peace and bring colorful joy to its viewers in these times of unrest. It's important for me to express joy and happiness and bring lightness to others.'


Like most artists I know, I find myself constantly making more time for creating art and researching venues to promote it. I am currently working part-time at Imagine Museum and find myself wildly inspired by the compositions of the specular works of the featured glass artists. Prior to working at Imagine Museum, I was a patient advocate helping children suffering with mental issues at Community Health Center of Pinellas. Before healthcare, I worked the greater part of my life as a chef and baker.


I have a BA in graphic design from the University of Illinois but found myself more drawn more to painting and photography in my studies. My path has taken me to the Pacific Northwest and to Provincetown, Massachusetts, where I was a frequent exhibitor at the Provincetown Art Association. In 2019, I moved to Gulfport and quickly watched colors I saw in my dreams materialize before me. I became active in the regional arts scene, showing at Gulfport’s First Friday Art Walk, Art Expo for about 7 months, as well as joining the Professional Association of Visual Artists (PAVA).


My work is now on display at Gulfport’s DRV Gallery, and I continue to take part in art shows throughout the region. Working intuitively, I’ve allowed my career to grow and transform, like an evolving puzzle. I maintain a long-term goal in taking my art beyond shows and galleries and seeing my images large scale, being used for commercial interior design projects, as well as exploring eco-friendly companies that would use my images on their products.


It's a dream come true to get to meet people who connect to my work at a heart level. I am creating art because it is something I must do. I don’t feel right if I am not creating on an ongoing basis. Creating art grounds me. Time is not relevant, I am in a place that words can’t describe fully- but it resonates with freedom, soaring, and a lightness of being.



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